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Best Green Jobs Online 2010 - Next Decade

Without a doubt the most opportunity in the "green sector" today is in solar power. Home solar systems are going in at a rapid clip with the rise in fossil fuel costs and the tax incentives that many states provide. If you have some construction experience and a rudimentary understanding of electronics there are solar installer jobs to be found at the dozens of small companies that have developed expertise in these installations.

Forward thinking industries are utilizing banks of solar panels for commercial electrical production as well. There are opportunities in this field for electrical engineers and engineer technicians in this field; if you're a construction veteran and obtain a certificate in electronic technology you'll be a valuable employee in this field.

Real protection of our parklands is going to require an increased core of forestry and conservation workers; these jobs are usually with government agencies and carry good benefits. Protection and preservation is going to call for professionals with environmental engineering degrees. The construction industry and architects are will be providing hydrology jobs along with increased need for geologists. Designing energy efficient, green buildings has become a growing profession in a very short time, and some of that work involves interior design professionals.

Finally, there is talk for at least two major plants for the manufacture of solar panels coming online in the U.S. over the next few years. Hopefully this trend plays out and continues; major producers of solar products see substantial savings in building solar devices within the borders of the largest solar market. That will mean jobs for industrial designers and for thousands of people who will be needed, once again, for American manufacturing.

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