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Unstable Economies Lead to Upswings in Online Education

Online universities aren't kidding when they call themselves "global institutions." Though a University in Dubai campus faced rocky beginnings at its inception in 2007, center director Raj Kapoor reports that interest surrounding the school-- and online colleges in general -- has grown exponentially. In no small part, Kapoor postulates that this has to do with the declining global economy and the rising costs of traditional universities.

'I have no doubt that online learning will continue to play a major role in this region if the economy continues in its downward trend.' He explained, 'The recession is impacting both the student and their institutions of higher learning. The costs associated with operating brick and mortar campuses, coupled with the personal compromise of losing career footing if one must take course work full-time at a ground-based university, is what makes the appeal of online education a popular and practical solution.'

Kapoor himself is enrolled in one of the school's online Doctorate programs, proving he understands just how important a good education can be to career development, and he expects online education to only grow in popularity as time goes on.

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