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Top Ten Reasons to Work for Greenpeace

Do you have what it takes to work at Greenpeace?

There's eco-consciousness, there's eco-awareness, there's eco-activism and then, there's Greenpeace. Doing for the Earth what PETA does for animals, they are the brash and unmasked defenders of our ecosystem. Do you dream of running away to serve the cause, but wonder if you have what it takes? Here are ten signs that you have the gumption to join the fight:

1.You Care About the Environment

This is a given--if you care about the environment, there is no time more critical to saving it than right now. See how you can get involved.

2.You Want to Put Your Environmental Science Degree to Good Use

So you spent your college years working on an environmental science degree, reading up on everything from deforestation to the depletion of the ocean's population, and now that you've graduated you want to help--but how? At Greenpeace, making a difference in your area of expertise can be a full time job.

3.You Want to Learn More About You

Are you unsatisfied with your office job? Are you looking for something with a bigger social impact? A career with Greenpeace can give you the financial peace-of-mind, while at the same time allowing you to play a part in a cause that is bigger than yourself alone.

4.You are Always Ready for a (Good) Fight

Do you have a feisty disposition, outspoken and always ready to stick up loudly for what you believe in? If you're looking for a good cause to focus your fury on, organizations like Greenpeace always need people like you to work on the "frontlines," talking to people in the field and using your gift of persuasion to convert others to the cause.

5.You Want to See the World in a Different Way

You have always wanted to travel, but the usual student backpacking or honeymoon in Paris isn't for you. You want to see unusual places in unusual ways. Greenpeace operates on a global level, and officers may be needed across the country or as far away as the UK or Japan. Protect the shores, keep the waters green, and see the world in the process.

6.You Want to Take an Active Role

Many people donate money to charities, with little thought to where it's going or how it will be spent, but you don't want to take a back seat to your good cause. By working within Greenpeace as a gifts officer, you can manage funds and have a bigger say in how charitable funds are used.

7.You Want Co-Workers With a Common Interest

People usually don't just fall randomly into competitive jobs at nonprofits. Chances are good that the people you work with will share your passion for a good cause, and working together toward a common goal creates the kind of empowering and positive work atmosphere most people only dream about.

8.You Want Work Experience With an Impact

Do you want to separate yourself from the pack, and show the colors of your character right on your resume? No matter what path you take, managing teams from the office to a summer job canvassing the streets for donations, a job history with Greenpeace will make you stand out as a passionate individual with motivation that future employers can bank on.

9.You Were Born Too Late to Be a Seafarer With a Heart of Gold

Dreaming of living the seafaring life, but the Navy isn't for you? Greenpeace is famous for its dedication to saving the oceans, and equally famous for its ships that are constantly at war with big corporate whaling companies. Those ships are always looking for some good, skilled, seaworthy men and women to join the crew.

10.You Want to Be a Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself

As almost anyone with a vested interested in the environment knows, saving the Earth isn't about saving yourself--it's about making the world a better place for all humans, plants, and animals, in this generation and for hundreds of generations to come. If you want a career with value not just for you, but for every living thing, consider Greenpeace.

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