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Top Spa and Beauty Trends for 2008

Whether you're training as a skin-care specialist or a salon owner, the trends in skincare treatments this year incorporate medical and holistic solutions that address aging, sun and pollution damage, and seasonal changes. Customers will be drawn to medical-grade dermatology treatments and products that are increasingly offered at spas and as over-the-counter remedies. Herbal and plant extract--as well as medical-made consumer products--will be in demand.

Top ten trends this year include:

Stress Relief
Salon owners will add scalp massage along with body and hair treatments.

Wipes and Swabs

Portable care is the rage. Expect to carry dermatological remedies (like wrinkle creams and acne preparations), make-up remover swabs, and glitter puffs.

Lash Care
Accent today is on lengthening and thickening lashes. Safe products are on the rebound.

The Teen Market
Young men and women will shop for bright cosmetics in unusual colors and they'll want aromatherapy products.

Anti-Aging Products
Spas will offer high-powered exfoliates along with full-body solutions including products for neck wrinkles and bust tightening. Lip volumizers help plump up the kisser without collagen, while new cellulite treatments from Ireland are poised to postpone liposuction.

Amazon Cures
Shelves at spas and salons will begin to resemble counterparts in the health -ood section of the supermarket with lots of products containing antioxidants derived from South American plants, nuts, herbs, and berries. Vitamin and mineral enhanced cosmetics are also on the upswing.

Customized Treatments
Salons will offer treatments and sell products tailor-made for niche audiences. Expect products designed for smokers (nail discolorations), diabetics (for skin care), and aromatherapy for women who are suffering from PMS.

Natural Standard Products
Be ready for customers who want to use only products made of 95% pure-processed, natural ingredients.

Beauty To-Go
Consumers want products that they can take home with them to sustain the effects they receive in salons and spas. They'll be buying at-home peels, complete skincare treatments, brightening serum, retinol, and peptides.

Men's Products
Guys are going to want face scrubs, aromatherapy products, and skin creams. Count on it.

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