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Management Certificates

Managing a business and its employees can be both a personally and financially satisfying position to be in. That's why management degree certificate programs are very popular at many different higher learning institutions. Whether you want to get your degree at an online school, where all your course work is done online from the comfort of your home or you want to have a more traditional higher learning education, a degree in management can be a rewarding endeavor.

Now that businesses are increasingly competing in a global market place, companies are demanding a bit more from their managers than they had in previous years. A management degree certificate program from one of many accredited institutions can propel you to your dream job. Here's what you can expect to learn: superb communication skills, ability to manage people, logic and analysis skills, problem solving, critical thinking and best business practices for various industries of interest. These skills blended together can make the perfect manager who is able to where the many hats that a good manager must wear.

Additionally, a management degree certificate has been shown through research to increase earning power by a great deal compared to those with unfinished college course work or none at all. Studies show that you can earn up to 40 percent more with a management degree than if you didn't have one. In some cases, because managers tend to make much more than their employees, the amount can be even greater.

Management Schools

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  • Charter College Online

    You can advance your career with a degree from Charter College Online.

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    • Certificate - Business Office Administration

    Location: Online

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  • Post University Online

    At Post University, we believe you shouldn’t have to put your life on hold to further your education.

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    • A.S. in Management
    Waterbury: 800 Country Club Rd. P.O. Box 2540, Waterbury CT 06723
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