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Accounting Doctorate Degrees

Taking up accounting schools doctorate program will equip the candidate with a multifaceted approach in understanding how accounting techniques can be used in today’s modern financial markets or business environment. Under this program, candidates will be required to do an in-depth research in the field of accounting and how it affects markets. The overall training will combine other major disciplines like economics, statistics, finance, and also mathematics. At Wharton Business School, the accounting doctoral program provides students with a wider perspective on how accounting can help market players or participants meet the demands of intricate business environments.

Qualifying in an accounting schools doctorate program requires that the candidate already has relevant experience in the field of accounting or financial economics. For you to survive in this program, you need to have a strong grasp of how accounting data fits in a bigger economic or financial setting. You also must have strong quantitative analysis and abstract thinking skills. Upon graduation, you can continue to work within the academe or as consultant to big corporations.

Once you have obtained your accounting schools doctorate degree, you can expect a much higher pay scale compared to other professionals.  The researches and the papers that you presented while taking a doctorate program will put you in a unique vantage point where you can influence policymaking in many financial and economic areas. A PhD in accounting will most definitely qualify you to sit in high paying corporate management boards.

Accounting Schools

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  • Northcentral University

    Earn your graduate degree online with Northcentral University.

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    • Advanced Accounting - PhD in Bus. Admin.
    • Advanced Accounting - D.B.A.
    • Financial Management - D.B.A.
    • More...
    San Diego: 2488 Historic Decatur Rd., San Diego CA 92106
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  • Liberty University

    Liberty University provides a world-class education with a solid Christian foundation, equipping men and women with the values, knowledge, and skills essential for success in every aspect of life.

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    • DBA in Accounting
    Lynchburg: 1971 University Blvd, , Lynchburg VA 24515
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