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Accounting Schools in Alabama

Guide to Alabama Accounting Degree Programs

Getting an accounting degree is a great idea, and finding a place to do that in Alabama isn’t difficult. You can choose to go to a range of schools that offer both traditional degree programs and ones that are done totally online. For the traditional options, you can go to Herzing University or ITT Tech. Online, you could also go to American InterContinental University. Whatever your learning needs are, Alabama has the proper accommodations.

In terms of the courses that you might take with an accounting degree, they range greatly. First you will have to endure the requirements for core curriculum, like math, science and English. Some schools also require that you take some form of foreign language to earn your degree. You will take a lot of accounting based courses as well that will provide you with skills in the financial world. You will learn about tax laws, portfolio management, economics, personal finance and much more. There are also electives that you can take to aid in your degree, such as the aforementioned foreign language or additional mathematics courses,

Alabama Accounting Job Outlook and Salary

The next few years should yield a lot of new jobs for accountants. Thus your prospects for finding a position after graduation are also positive. Even in a downturn economy, there is still expansion. An expanding economy allows for a higher demand of accountants to help people manage their personal finances. Many tax related legislations have also been passed recently, and they have made it to where businesses are being scrutinized now more than ever. These businesses must then look for accountants who are properly educated in the recent laws to help save them from a great financial loss.

The higher a degree that you earn then if follows that the more money that you will likely make. In this field, starting pay Starts anywhere from $33,000 to $45,000, depending on the type of job you get. Working for the government or finding a job in some sort of contract situation will likely lead to the highest annual pay. Self employment is popular to a degree, but it is hard to get a steady pay rate through that venue. As you get more knowledgeable in the field, you will likely be rewarded with more money as well. Some people make double their starting pay once they have been in work for over twenty years, so the opportunity for high earnings is out there.

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