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Criminal Justice Degrees in Alaska

Guide to Alaska Criminal Justice Schools

There are many different Alaska criminal justice schools and programs for people to check out. While Alaska might not boast as many schools as some states, they do have a few traditional colleges and universities to offer. They also have a wide variety of technical and vocational schools, as well as online courses for students who are interested in criminal justice careers. Online courses are more flexible and affordable, as well, allowing students to learn on their time and within their budget. If you're looking to fast-track your career in criminal justice, consider these programs or technical schools to get the training that you need in a quicker way.

You can take your Alaska criminal justice degree and get just about any job that you could want after graduation. You can find jobs in the legal aide and assistant field if you have a certificate or degree, as well as jobs as a lawyer, corrections or police officer, and even as a judge if you get the right education. It's all up to you, and you can guarantee that you'll find what you need when you choose Alaska criminal justice schools for your education. Plus, you'll enjoy the scenic beauty that Alaska is known for, making the experience that much more enjoyable.

Alaska Criminal Justice Job Outlook and Salary

Alaska certainly doesn't boast criminal justice as its main industry, or one of the more popular ones even. However, there are many positions available within the field of criminal justice for those who seek them. The state even offers tax incentives to residents who choose to live there. There is so much scenic beauty and a high quality of life to be found in Alaska that you should have no trouble finding your future career in criminal justice in this state.

Alaska criminal justice professionals earn a decent living, too. The cost of living is a little higher, but there are many things that make it worth it. Lawyers will earn an average of $98,000 annually, while anyone in the legal field, including lawyers, can expect an average annual salary around $78,000 depending on their specific career, education, and experience. Assistants and aides in the legal field will earn about $50,000 annually, and those who choose to work on the enforcement end in police work and related fields can earn around $44,000 on average. Again, this varies and will generally be higher if you have more education or training to support your position. All in all, Alaska is a great place to pursue your criminal justice education and career.

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