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Animation Schools

Your online resource for Animation Schools and Career Information. Animation schools have moved away from traditional drawing animation towards a more technology-based computer animation model. These professionals are able to create images that can move and interact with viewers in both 2 and 3 dimensions. Animation programs are designed to teach computer animation skills, engineering modeling, multimedia design, and related courses. Those who pursue degrees in multimedia animation will find entry level careers paying between $30,000 and $85,000 annually depending on education and the exact position held. Animation schools offer associate degree and bachelor degree programs in animation and multimedia, paving the way to rewarding careers. These jobs are considered to be in high demand and are going to continue to grow substantially into the next decade or so. Many popular careers obtained by those who attend animation schools include web site developer, 3D modeling, 3D animation, multimedia graphic designer careers, and even engineering modeling positions. This career is great for anyone with a creative spirit and a desire to succeed in something that they can enjoy doing every day.


Animation degrees open the door to a bright future, full of art and entertainment. If you have always loved to draw, or even if illustration only recently became your preoccupation, you might be wondering what type of degrees or schools to seek out, if any, as you begin to carve out a career path in the highly creative, highly competitive art world.

One route that promises high wages and a fun work environment is animation. If you've seen any one in the latest string of animation blockbusters, you know this is big business. But what does it take to land a job in the offices of Pixar or any other creative animation firm? Animation schools are the answer.

Most likely, you already have an innate knack for animation, creating quirky characters on any blank canvas you can find. Or maybe you're only now looking to unleash your animation prowess. Either way, it is wise to consider the various degrees animation schools have to offer, for a high-level education will set you apart from the scores of talented artists with no professional training.

Animation job candidates who have degrees are ahead of the competition on two fronts. For one, your potential employer will know that you are serious about pursuing a career in animation, and that you have not only the creativity, but also the commitment it takes to succeed the animation field. Second, degrees from animation schools mean that graduates are up on the latest trends and technology in animation, and will be able to hit the ground running with a host of creative characters upon hire.

Animation schools will help take your artistry to the next level, and will also train you in the latest animation technology, where computers work in conjunction with hand drawing to bring your imagination to life.

Continue to hone your artistic talent, and begin looking into degrees from animation schools today.

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Animation Schools

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  • Full Sail University - Online

    Push Your Creativity To The Next Level
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    • Computer Animation, Bachelor of Science (Online)
    • Graphic Design, Bachelor of Science (Online)
    • Digital Cinematography, Bachelor of Science
    • More...

    Location: Online

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  • Regent University

    Regent University prepares students with the knowledge to excel and the faith to live with purpose.
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    • Master of Arts in Film & TV - Producing
    • Master of Arts in Film & TV - Script Writing
    • Master of Fine Arts in Film & TV - Script & Screenwriting

    Location: Online

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  • Liberty University

    100% Online & No Standardized Testing

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    • Master of Fine Arts: Graphic Design
    • Master of Arts in Visual Communication Design
    Lynchburg: 1971 University Blvd,, Lynchburg VA 24515
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