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Accounting Schools in Arkansas

Guide to Arkansas Accounting Degree Programs

If you are looking to attend some sort of accounting school in the state of Arkansas, Little Rock is going to be the place to go. There you can choose to get a degree at either ITT Tech. If neither of those suits your liking, you can always go to school online through some place like the American InterContinental University. There you can get an entire degree right from your home computer if you so desire. This is turning into one of the most convenient forms of education available nowadays.

There are a variety of courses that you may take over the duration of your degree program. Some courses will be focused on the laws associated with the field, like business law and federal taxation. Other courses you may take will be focused on the financial side of the field, like personal finance and financial statement analysis. The higher of a degree that you go for, the better your chances will be of getting a well-paying job in the future. Most government jobs require a bachelor’s degree at minimum, but a master’s is preferred. Spending a little bit of extra time in school may yield great benefits.

Arkansas Accounting Job Outlook and Salary

There is expected to be great growth in the job market for accountants over the next few years. There have been a lot of legislations passed that have made financial responsibility fall even stronger on businesses that ever. Now more of these businesses are seeking the help of well trained accountants to ensure that they can pass an audit smoothly. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in accounting should secure a position for you, but a master’s will be far more enticing. This may require more of an educational commitment from you, but the salary gains may be well worth it.

In terms of what you will make as an accountant, that all depends on the type of work you go into. Working for a non-profit organization may only give you a $40,000 salary a year, but working for the government may allow you to make up to $70,000 in certain sectors. There are also bonuses associated with the job that may range from $1,000 to $2,000 a year, depending on your time on the job. As you become more educated in the field, you should be able to make more money as well because your employers will reward you for the knowledge that you bring to the table.

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