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Accounting Schools in Connecticut

Guide to Connecticut Accounting Degree Programs

There aren’t a ton of schools for accounting in Connecticut, but nevertheless you do have degree programs available to you. For one, you can always opt to get a degree online, in which case you do not have to be anywhere but the comfort of your own home. If that is not the best learning environment for you though, you could also choose to go through a traditional degree program. For your online options, you may wish to attend American InterContinental University.

There are a bunch of courses that you may encounter through your degree program. At first you may just be going through the basics like any other college student, where math, English and history will be the prime components of your schedule. Eventually you will take some sort of introduction to accounting, at which time you can determine if that is in fact a degree for you. Given that you want to continue with the program, you may take courses like business law, auditing, and taxation based courses, along with many others.

Connecticut Accounting Job Outlook and Salary

There is a great outlook for accounting jobs on the horizon. Recent legislation has been passed to help ward off financial reporting fraud, but it has made businesses more worried about audits than ever before. Now accountants are in high demand to ensure that no repercussions ensue based on inaccurate reporting. You should have no difficulty finding a job once you leave the university of your choice. Securing a master’s degree will increase your chances of employment even more as companies look for educated people to head their success.

Earning chances abound in this field, depending on what sort of company you work for. Within your first year on the job, you might make anywhere from $33,000 to $45,000. It just depends on if you work for the government, a nonprofit organization, yourself, etc. This is a difficult field to be self employed in because most places seek out trusted companies to work through. That should not discourage you from working on your own though. If you do choose to work for a firm or the government, you might receive up to $2,000 in annual bonuses. Maintaining a sound education will greatly improve your chances of high earnings, so start looking for your degree today.

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