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Criminal Justice Degrees in Connecticut

Guide to Connecticut Criminal Justice Schools

Connecticut may be a small state, but it has big opportunities for those who seek them. You can find many great Connecticut criminal justice schools to attend, offering all kinds of degrees for careers in criminal justice. There are online programs, which offer a faster education and more flexibility for people who can't put their lives on hold to return to school. There are also a number of technical, vocational, and community colleges that can be attended for a faster education and a more hands-on approach. Of course, if you choose, there are also a number of traditional colleges and universities in the state of Connecticut that you can attend to get your criminal justice degree.

This state prides itself on education, and is home to Yale University along with many other well-known and established colleges and universities. If you're looking for a chance at a top-rate education, this is the state to choose. Even if you attend online courses or a vocational program, you can guarantee that you'll get a better educational experience than you might elsewhere just because of how highly it is regarded in Connecticut.

Connecticut Criminal Justice Job Outlook and Salary

Connecticut's economy is doing quite well and has a very bright future ahead of it. With schools like Harvard Law and Yale Law not far away, the state provides many landing places for some of the best legal professionals that graduate from college. Criminal justice careers in Connecticut are definitely not hard to find, and it's likely that there will continue to be plenty of opportunities into the future for those who are interested in them. The cost of living is slightly higher than in other states, but that's true with most states on the eastern seaboard. The salaries paid to legal professionals definitely make it worth a look when you're choosing where to get your education and career in criminal justice.

Connecticut legal professionals earn an average salary of $94,000 annually, with lawyers bringing in about $124,000 and legal aides and paralegals earning right around $50,000 on average each year. Those in protective services will see an average of about $44,000 with police officers, sheriffs, and higher-ups making almost double that or more. All in all, the salaries are more than fair for criminal justice career seekers in this state, and can provide a great life for anyone who chooses it. The quality of life in Connecticut is high, and the opportunities are plentiful in criminal justice.

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