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Criminal Justice Degrees in District Of Columbia

Guide to District of Columbia Criminal Justice Schools

District of Columbia criminal justice schools are going to provide you with the best education possible for your career in criminal justice. You will be able to choose from many traditional universities and college programs, along with technical and vocational schools and even online courses to procure your education in this fast-growing industry. Criminal justice degrees are hot right now because there is a growing demand for professionals within the field for all types of different positions. You can get your education in the District of Columbia and get on with your career sooner than you might think.

Online courses in criminal justice will give you the flexibility and accessibility that you need, while traditional colleges will provide a more hands-on education in the criminal justice field. It's all about choosing the programs that suit your needs, so make sure that you take the time to check out the options that you have. With so many great careers to find in the field of criminal justice, you'll have no trouble choosing a degree program for your goals. Get your certificate or associates degree to get started, and earn a bachelor's or master's degree to further your career options and increase your potential earnings.

District of Columbia Job Outlook and Salary

The District of Columbia is our nation's capital, and will likely never have a shortage of jobs available in criminal justice. There are many private sector jobs to be found, as well as public positions that can provide career success. Choosing the exact career is up to you, but you can guarantee that you'll find work in DC once you've completed your education. In the future, the industry will continue to grow, as will most careers in the DC area. The economy is strong and only going to become stronger in the years to come.

District of Columbia has a slightly higher cost of living than most of the states in the U.S., but it also has higher salaries and better job opportunities for criminal justice professionals. Legal professions average around $129,000 annually, with lawyers bringing in close to $150,000 a year and legal aides and paralegals earning around $60,000 for their skills. In the enforcement sector of criminal justice, careers pay about $51,000 on average. This depends on the position and education that you have, of course, and will likely be much higher for police, administrative professionals, and the most experienced careers in the field.

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