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Physical Therapy Schools in Idaho

Guide to Idaho Physical Therapy Schools

Idaho is a state that many people assume to have very little of anything when it comes to educational opportunities. However, there are a few colleges and universities in the state to choose from when you are looking for a physical therapy education. You will need to take the time to check out the options that you do have and choose wisely. Fortunately, Idaho also has a variety of online programs and vocational schools that will allow you to train for a career in physical therapy at your own pace. By taking the time to learn about your options, you might find that there is more than you thought in Idaho for your education.

Whether you choose to attend the University of Idaho or an online program, you can find all the training and education that you need to get the degree that you want in physical therapy. You will need to decide what you want and then go for it to make sure that you get the right choices and the best education to suit your career goals. An online education is more convenient and accessible in a state like this where options are limited, but will require additional hands-on training in the field of physical therapy in order to complete the program. Whichever you choose, you can guarantee that your career in Idaho will be a success so long as you find the right educational program to teach you all that you need to know about physical therapy.

Idaho Physical Therapy Job Outlook and Salary

Idaho does not have a large population or the types of projections for job futures like you would find in a more populous state. However, there is plenty to be found for those who do come to Idaho when it comes to physical therapy and similar careers. Like most states, Idaho is in a situation where healthcare careers are critical and they need people to fill the positions. With your education, you can set yourself up for a great career in the industry of physical therapy no matter what type of certification or degree you hold. The jobs also pay quite well compared to other states, but the cost of living here is very low.

Living in Idaho is a dream come true for many people. The state is a beautiful one and the lack of overpopulation allows you to enjoy more natural beauty. Add the views and the scenery to an average annual income of $70,000 for licensed physical therapists, and you’ve got a winning combination. If you choose a physical therapy assistant job or an aide position, you can expect to earn average incomes of $46,000 and $23,000 respectively. For a high quality of life, a successful career, and a chance to live somewhere beautiful, Idaho is the perfect choice for your physical therapy education and career.

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