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Massage Therapy Schools in Indiana

Guide to Indiana Massage Therapy Degree Programs

Indiana is the smallest state west of the Appalachian Mountains. However, it has a rich history as an agricultural and educational center. For those looking to get a degree in massage therapy, this state will not disappoint. There are many schools offering classes both onsite and online. For onsite training, there are four main campuses offering training in different parts of the state.

Indiana has a diverse economy despite its rural image. The state has a large population concentration in the northwest corner due to the Chicago suburbs. College towns abound all over the rest of the state and Indianapolis is a large urban hub as well as the state capital. For those with massage therapy training, all of these enclaves provide opportunities for future practice. The state’s economy is strong in agriculture, but it also has a healthy manufacturing sector as well. Despite some job loss with automotive manufacturing in flux, the state’s overall economy is healthy. How can the Hoosier state help you attain your massage therapy dreams?

Indiana Massage Therapy Job Outlook and Salary

Indiana provides many opportunities for those with massage therapy degrees. The urban sprawl around Chicago is a hotbed for those wanting to setup practice. Indianapolis is its own urban center and another good place to start. Smaller cities such as Evansville and Fort Wayne provide options as well. College towns such as Muncie and Terre Haute can be good places to start as well. Indiana does regulate massage therapists practicing in the state. This falls to the State Board of Massage Therapy. All candidates are required to pass a state approved exam. All licenses come up for review and renewal on a four-year cycle.

Therapists in Indiana can expect to start making $16,000 to $19,000 per year to start. As they gain experience and grow a steady client list, that salary will grow to around $31,000. This is below the median national salary of $34,900. However, the state provides a lower cost of living to offset this. The only exception is the suburbs around the Chicago area. However, those practicing in that area can command higher fees as well. The Indiana Department of Workforce Development projects that the state’s demand for massage therapists will grow by 13% in the next few years. This is under the national average of 20%. Indiana’s population has been experiencing only slow growth in the past few decades. This accounts for the slower pace of demand for therapists.

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