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Massage Therapy Schools in Kentucky

Guide to Kentucky Massage Therapy Degree Programs

Kentucky provides urban dreams near rural farmlands. Those desiring a degree in massage therapy will find few options for onsite training in the state. There is a single school at Florence that offers training onsite. For those in other areas of the state, online degree programs are the best options. This state’s history goes back to before the Colonies became states. Kentucky was the fifteenth state to join the Union. Agriculture still dominates the state’s landscape but manufacturing provides much strength as well. The state’s population remained steady over the last few census dates. Urban areas shed their rural countenances with each passing year.  
The state is a mixture for those living there. Urban living abounds at the state capital of Frankfort and at Lexington. The suburban sprawl of Cincinnati feeds the growth in the north of the state. The state borders with the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. This gives it access to shipping to the Gulf of Mexico. As a place to live, the slower pace and lower cost of living make Kentucky very attractive for living and working. How can the Bluegrass State make your dreams come true?

Kentucky Massage Therapy Job Outlook and Salary

Kentucky has a diverse mixture of rural as well as urban communities. The Kentucky Department for Workforce Investment projects that the state will experience a 19% growth in demand for massage therapists. This is just below the projected national average growth of 20%. Much of this growth centers on the urban sprawl from Cincinnati in the north as well as the growing city of Lexington. College towns throughout the state offer options as well. The state does regulate therapists in its jurisdiction. The Kentucky Board of Licensure for Massage Therapy regulates this area. All candidates must pass the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork or other NCCA approved certifying exam. Once licensed the state requires therapists to get education at least every two years.

For those therapists just getting out of school, most available work would be part time. Those doing the work in private practice find it will take time to get a steady client base. Therapists can expect to make around $18,000 - $20,000 in the first year or so. With some years of experience and a healthy client base, the figure can rise to around $30,000. This is below the national median of $34,900. However, much of Kentucky offers a lower cost of living to offset this figure. In the urban areas around Cincinnati and Lexington, the figures will be higher on both sides.

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