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Pharmacy Tech Training in Kentucky

Individuals seeking pharmacy technician degrees in Kentucky could find themselves ahead of the national employment curve. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a nationwide 31 percent increase in pharmacy technician jobs by 2018, more than tripling the average expected job growth of all occupations. Pharmacy technician classes in Kentucky could prepare you to fill one of these emerging positions. Students at campus-based or online pharmacy technician schools in Kentucky can learn relevant skills and practical applications, such as medical terminology, pharmacy record-keeping, pharmacy law and ethics and pharmaceutical techniques. Programs and length of programs vary--some are as short as six months while others last as many as two years. After graduation, many pharmacy technicians can find employment with grocery stores, hospitals, insurance carriers or small, local pharmacies. According to May 2009 data from the BLS, pharmacy technicians already working in Kentucky earned a mean annual wage of $24,480. Traditional or online pharmacy technician schools in Kentucky could you help you develop your career in pharmacy. Learn more about pharmacy tech training in Kentucky and discover the opportunities in this growing field to help you reach your goals.

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