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Paralegal Schools in Louisiana

Guide to Louisiana Paralegal Degree Programs

Paralegals are an important part of a lawyer’s job. They are the ones that assist with closings, hearings, corporate meetings, trials, and many other events that a lawyer may encounter during the day. The tasks of a paralegal have grown over the years, so getting a good education now will allow you to be ready for a more modern job market. If you are looking to get trained in this field within the state of Louisiana, you have a number of options. You could start by looking into a school like Baton Rouge College, ITT Tech, or Herzing University. There are also some options to be found with online degree programs. Those you can look into at South University, Colorado Technical University Online or Kaplan University.

Going through school, you can either go for a simple associate’s degree or something more complex like a bachelor’s degree. The baccalaureate will require twice the schooling, but that means that you will also gain twice the knowledge within it. It is up to you to determine if the cost and time is worth it. For highly competitive positions like working for the U.S. government, it is usually a smart idea to get as much education as you can. However, most other employers will only look for an associate’s degree, so you should be fine otherwise.

Louisiana Paralegal Job Outlook and Salary

There is a great job outlook for Louisiana in most every field, but paralegals are seeing a particularly large growth. If you are questioning why that may be, remember before when we noted that the tasks of a paralegal are now growing. That is because companies are looking for ways to scale back their spending, and one surefire way to do that is to hire more paralegals instead of more lawyers. Although this makes the job a bit tougher, it does allow for more positions to come available.

There is no real way to determine how much you will make as a paralegal until you get hired somewhere. Certain firms have a better client list and thus they can afford to pay their employees more. A person working for an insurance carrier will likely make $52,000 a year, while someone working for Legal Services might make more along the lines of $44,000 a year. Government employees earn close to $60,000 a year, so you can see where a range may come into play. Bonuses are readily available, so numbers will change from year to year.

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