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Accounting Schools in Maine

Guide to Maine Accounting Degree Programs

If you plan to go through an accounting degree program in the state of Maine, Andover College is going to be about your only option. This school offers two locations, one in Lewiston and one in South Portland. You can receive an associate degree or a certificate, depending on what you go into exactly. If Andover isn’t the place for you, there is always the option to go to school online. To do that, you can contact DeVry University, the University of Phoenix, or American InterContinental University. All of your coursework will be conducted via the internet, so you can learn at any time in any place.

There are a bunch of different courses that you may go through in your degree program. The higher you go in the program, the more specific they get. First you will be required to go through the basics, just like everybody else. That will be the math, English, and history courses suggested by your university. After those are completed, you will take some introductory accounting courses and eventually land into the more specific fields, like business law, federal taxation, leadership, etc. Those will be the classes that guide you in your actual career.

Maine Accounting Job Outlook and Salary

There is a great job outlook for the future within the field of accounting. After you earn your certification, you will be able to get a job in a ton of different places, and new businesses are opening every day that need qualified accountants. Actually, there have been legislations passed recently that have set up stricter punishments for financial reporting fraud. Anything that seems like it has been deliberately omitted information will be deemed a fraud, which the chief executive of the company shall be held personally responsible for. To prevent this from happening, people are looking for graduates just like you to take on a role in their finance department.

With the heightened demand of accountants has come an array of salaries that one might earn. A simple job at a firm may pay $40,000 a year to start out, but the end pay for the government lies in the $70,000 range. Thus your particular earnings will be determined by the kind of work that you do. The higher the position though, the higher of a degree you will have to maintain. Be prepared for master’s level studies if you plan to secure a very well-paying position. A bachelor’s will suffice overall, but not if you wish to get to the top.

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