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Paralegal Schools in Michigan

Guide to Michigan Paralegal Degree Programs

The state of Michigan is home to a number of schools to get a paralegal education from. Such schools are located throughout the state for a widespread opportunity for education. When looking through your options, you will probably come across schools like ITT Tech and Baker College, both of which are recognized and found on a national level. ACR also houses some training opportunities, and it is found in Clawson. For those of you who might prefer the convenience of getting an online education, you could look into schools like Kaplan University, Colorado Technical University Online, or South University. Many institutes will also allow you to combine online courses with classroom based ones, which may be the best way for you to maximize your education.

Getting a degree in paralegal can come at two levels, namely the bachelor’s and associate’s. Initially you will go in pursuit of an associate degree, but you can choose to further your education to the baccalaureate level at any time. That will require two additional years of schooling, but those two years will ensure that you receive a sound education. You have to weigh the cost of school against what you will gain from additional training when determining how far you should go with you education.

Michigan Paralegal Job Outlook and Salary

Within the state of Michigan you will find nothing but positives when it comes to a paralegal job outlook. Actually, that can be said for the nation as a whole. There is a great fear imminent in law firms and other associations that hire paralegals because the economy has put a damper on available funds. As a way to cut costs, employers are looking to paralegals to fill many of the roles that a lawyer would. Thus you can find a great deal of jobs becoming available on a regular basis.

There are many different levels of earnings within the field of paralegal work. You might make $30,000 or you might make $75,000 a year. You never know. It all depends on what you do and where you work. For instance, the government is going to pay more than a small law firm just because there are more funds available. Since there are usually long hours on the job, most employers allot for annual bonuses to ensure that you continue to work for them in the future. Use this to your advantage and remain loyal with a company long enough to see that extra funding.

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