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Physical Therapy Schools in Nevada

Guide to Nevada Physical Therapy Schools

Nevada physical therapy schools are a lot more opportunistic than many people might realize. There is a lot more to the state of Nevada than gambling and show business careers in Las Vegas. This state is home to many traditional colleges and universities, as well as a slew of online programs and vocational schools that you can choose to get your education in physical therapy. Before you can decide on a school, you will have to choose one of three careers: physical therapy assistant, physical therapy aide, or licensed physical therapist.

Once you have made the decision as to what you want to study, you can choose whichever program works best for your needs. Some people prefer the online programs because of the options that they are given and the convenience of taking classes, while others will enjoy a traditional education or a vocational school simply because it is more hands-on and can provide the training on site. Take the time to check out the programs that are available, because your physical therapy education will allow you to get on the track to your career faster than you might have thought. When you choose an aide or assistant education, you can use that in the future to guide you into further education and a different career if you choose, or you can use it for what it’s worth.

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Nevada Physical Therapy Job Outlook and Salary

This state has a very stable and diverse economy, and while there are plenty of choices for careers, physical therapy and other healthcare careers are especially in high demand right now. Professionals work in a variety of locations, including Las Vegas, Reno, or Carson City. However, other cities and rural locations can provide opportunity as well.

The cost of living here is moderately low. This balance in the cost of living versus income is nice to have. Nevada physical therapists make an average of $87,000 annually, while aides will earn about $26,000 and physical therapy assistants can earn $54,000 on average for their income. Check it out Nevada for yourself and see if you can find a school and career in the state of Nevada that will help you reach you future objectives.

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