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Accounting Schools in North Carolina

Guide to North Carolina Accounting Degree Programs

North Carolina is a fantastic state, filled with culture and great people. What better place would there be then to study for an accounting degree? If this sounds appealing to you, you can choose to go to one of the many schools in the state. Some programs you might find beneficial are offered through  ITT Tech, King’s College. If those do not work for you, you also have the option to attend a school online. You can get the same training, but it will all come from your computer. 

After you get enrolled in the program of your choice, you will start taking courses to prepare you for a job after graduation. These courses will be career specific, like managerial accounting, cost accounting, personal finance, auditing, and the like. During your program though, you might have to take non-career related courses, like English or history, but those are just part of your core curriculum. You should have an opportunity to take electives as well, so be prepared for that in the coming months.

North Carolina Accounting Job Outlook and Salary

After you have earned your degree, it’ll be time to start sending out those job applications. A solid resume will be a plus, but overall you should encounter little difficulty in finding a job. That is because there is currently a great demand for accountants out there due to an expanding economy. There have also been laws passed that deem the chief executive the one held personally responsible if financial reporting fraud comes up. This has led business owners to see the need for a good accounting department, and that may be the exact place you end up working.

In terms of how much you can earn as an accountant, that will be derived from the type of work that you do. Someone working for a nonprofit organization will make less than someone working for the government, purely because of the pay available and the tasks of the job. To get the higher paying positions, you will need to have a master’s degree in the field. That may lead you to earnings of $70,000 a year if you get lucky enough. Work diligently and you should see great rewards. IT all starts with a solid education from a good school.

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