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Business Degrees in Rhode Island

Guide to Business Schools in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a very small state, but it has a very big business economy to boast. This is the place where the industrial revolution started with the development of the first cotton mill, and there are plenty of business careers still available in this state that has a dependency on business for their economy. Attending a business school in Rhode Island will give people a chance to study with some of the schools in the area and allow them to get the education that can skyrocket them to career success.

Rhode Island will offer many different scholarship programs and funding options for people looking to obtain their education here. They want to promote business and keep things going now and in the future, and are willing to pay for that chance. Getting an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in business administration or management can start your career in human resources, business management, accounting, or sales and marketing and start it on the right note. If you choose, an MBA can be pursued to improve the quality and types of offers that are received after graduating from school. You will also have the choice between typical colleges and online programs, so make sure that you explore your options.

Rhode Island Business Job Outlook and Salary

Rhode Island is still largely dependent upon textile production, but it also has many other businesses that it depends on for its stable economy. Health care and tourism are the second and third most popular industries in Rhode Island, and there are many different opportunities for corporate positions as well. Companies like CVS, Citizens Financial Group, Hasbro Toys, and Amica Mutual Insurance call Rhode Island home, and they aren’t the only ones. Many corporations come to Rhode Island for various reasons, be it the low operating costs or the location, and they need employees.

Average salaries for business professionals vary greatly in Rhode Island. Like most states on the Eastern Seaboard, it does have a higher wage and cost of living than many other states in the U.S. Chief Executives can average around $175,000 annually, while marketing and sales managers will make between $93,000 and $110,000 each year on average. The focus here is on new technology and business, and those working in the up and coming industries will have a chance for better earning potential with their Rhode Island business degree.

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