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Engineering Degrees in Rhode Island

Guide to Rhode Island Engineering Schools

Rhode Island is known for a lot of things, including clear chowder, Clams Casino, and being the smallest state in the country. However, one thing that isn’t small is their offering of engineering programs and jobs to the people who seek them. The state offers online programs, traditional college education, and technical schools to students who want to pursue an engineering education, no matter what they are looking for or what they can afford to spend. There are more than 20 private colleges and technical schools in Rhode Island for engineering students, along with hundreds of online programs that accept students from this state.

Whether you choose online education or a typical college degree program, you can trust that you’ll be able to find everything that you want in a Rhode Island engineering degree. The state puts a lot of emphasis on technical careers like this, and has a lot to offer for being so small. When you get your technical certification or bachelor’s degree, you will be on the path to success. Furthering your education to a higher level will afford you higher potential earnings and more job opportunities in the engineering field, as well. Check state and private funding for scholarships and grants when you can, because you can save money on your education this way.

Rhode Island Engineering Job Outlook and Salary

Rhode Island engineering pays very well. On average, engineers make $96,000 annually in this state. Considering that the average annual income for all occupations is just over $43,000, that’s a substantial increase. Even though the cost of living is higher here as it is in many East Coast states, the income made by engineers is still enough to leave plenty left over at the end of the month. Electronics and technology related engineering is most popular here, with these careers making $100,000 or more each year for their skills. Other careers fall into place behind these, including environmental, mechanical, and chemical engineers, who all make a substantial income.

Rhode Island is not exactly the land of opportunity when it comes to jobs, but they are doing the best that they can with what they have. The economy is stable and growing periodically, creating new jobs and a better chance for future growth in many industries including engineering. Plus, the proximity to other states gives many the option of commuting to a job outside of Rhode Island if they cannot find what they enjoy in the state. However, with the salary and the job opportunities that do exist, this can be a great place to pursue an engineering career.

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