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Culinary Arts School in Utah

Guide to Utah Culinary Arts Degree Programs

Have you always loved to cook, even when you were small child helping mom out in the kitchen? Has that desire to be involved in the kitchen followed you through adulthood, and now you’re not really quite sure what to do with this talent? You might then want to consider acquiring a degree in culinary arts. Utah has a couple of different schools that offer the opportunity for students to realize their dreams in the culinary arts. The Arts Institutes offers a variety of different programs from the Art of Cooking, Baking and Pastry, Culinary Arts and Culinary Restaurant Management, all of which offer anything from a certificate to a bachelor degree in these culinary arts programs.

When you have made the decision to go to one of these colleges, you will have to take the courses needed to obtain a degree. Such courses may be derived from the type of career you wish to pursue after graduation. You could learn how to present and decorate food, or simply how to prepare it well. You may also look into the management side of the restaurant business in the hopes of becoming a food and beverage director.

Utah Culinary Arts Job Outlook and Salary

As for the outlook for those who are going into the culinary arts, there should be plenty of job opportunities that emerge in the future. More and more people are deciding to eat out because they have no desire to cook anymore. It is more convenient to eat out than it is to cook. The need for highly skilled chefs is increasing year after year as these people begin to flood restaurants in your area and others.

Culinary arts jobs have salaries that vary and what you make will depend upon where you work and how high up you are in ranking. The average income that a chef currently makes is about $31,000 to $35,000 a year. That number is just for entry level positions though. Some executive chefs and restaurant directors make twice that much a month. To get those high paying positions though, you must go through extensive training and be able to fight your way through a lot of competition. The victory that rests on the other side is quite satisfying though. Whatever you do, just keep your passion for food going as a fuel for success.

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