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Art & Design Degrees in West Virginia

Guide to West Virginia Art and Design Degrees

If you love creating works of art or if you posses a desire to preserve precious works of art, then you may want to consider obtaining your degree in art and design. This can be an ideal way to hone and sharpen your skills. West Virginia has several academic institutes to choose from when it comes to art programs. These schools include Marshall University, Bethany College, and Shepherd College. You can also obtain your degree through a variety of online and hybrid programs. You can choose to learn in a classroom setting or from the comfort of your own home, whichever you prefer.

The course of study that a student who is pursuing their degree in art and design can expect to undertake will include a core curriculum. The core curriculum is comprised of classes in math, science, and English. The different classes you are required to take will depend upon the school or university that you attend. As you become an upper classman, your classes will become exclusively focused upon your major. A student who is studying Environmental Design will have a different course load than someone who is studying Graphic Design.

West Virginia Art and Design Job Outlook and Salary

Upon receiving your degree in art and design, you will be able to pursue any number of careers that are applicable to the major you chose. These jobs can be any number of things from an Art Historian to that of a Crafts Artist. Because the field within art and design vary so widely, it can be difficult to pinpoint the likelihood you are of finding a job. Your skill and geographic location will play an influential role in your job prospects after graduation. However, in West Virginia specifically job growth in these fields is expected to grow as much as 16% by 2012. The jobs available in Interior Design are expected to grow by 12%.

Graduates with a degree in art and design tend to become mostly self employed. This number is estimated to be as high as 60%. The average salary for a self employed artist is around $60,000 a year. However, your skills, client base, location, and overall experience will all factor how high your income is. As a self employed artist, as your client base grows, you can expect your annual earnings to increase as well.

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