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Business Degrees in West Virginia

Guide to Business Schools in West Virginia

Business education and West Virginia might not seem to be a likely combination to many, but the low cost of living and operating a business has actually created quite a draw to the state for many companies. Business schools and careers in West Virginia provide plenty of opportunity for those who are in need, including big name companies like Dow, DuPont, Armstrong, Amazon.com, Coldwater Creek, and Bayer. In the past few years, there have been more than $3.5 billion in new investments and more than 15,000 jobs created in the state of West Virginia in the business sector.

West Virginia business schools offer associate degree, bachelor degree, and MBA programs for people of all ages and backgrounds. The degrees that are most popular are in the fields of international trade, finance, business management, human resources, and accounting and auditing. One of the best ways to obtain a business degree in West Virginia is through online programs that will allow you to live your life and work as you need to while learning on your time. However, if a traditional college education is sought, you can get that as well.

The business administration degree, either at the bachelor or master's level, can qualify you for many great jobs in business management, marketing, human resources, and even public relations. With the low cost of living in West Virginia, school will also be more affordable for those who attend in the state. With reasonable salaries for those in business careers, it seems to be a win-win situation all around.

West Virginia Business Job Outlook and Salary

Business management and financial operations careers see an average annual salary of $51,000, as do wholesale and retail buyers. Management analysts will garner an average of $70,000 annually, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and financial advisors average about $55,000 annually.

West Virginia might not seem like the place for business careers and education, but it certainly has plenty to offer. High averages on the multitude of business salaries combined with low cost of living expenses create an environment where many people can be successful in business. With incentives in place for future growth, this state is likely going to be creating plenty of business career opportunities into the future in addition to the thousands of jobs that it already has available. With the right business degree, you can take your career in any direction that you want to go, even in the state of West Virginia.

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