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Criminal Justice Degrees in West Virginia

Guide to West Virginia Criminal Justice Schools

West Virginia isn’t exactly known for being the law capital of the nation. However, you can find many West Virginia criminal justice schools for your education if that is what you choose to study. Choose from a variety of traditional colleges and universities or even your choice of the many technical, vocational, and online programs that exist for criminal justice students and other career education seekers. There is no limit to what you can find, so long as you are willing to look.

Choose online courses for a fast-track to your career, or technical and vocational programs for a more flexible course of study and intensive learning. If you’re seeking higher criminal justice careers, you’ll want to pursue a four-year education at one of the many great colleges and universities in the state of West Virginia. It’s up to you to determine what you want, but you can trust that the options will be available, no matter what you might need. West Virginia is a great place to get an education of any kind, and criminal justice degrees are no exception. Get your associate’s degree or certificate in legal studies to begin work as a legal aide or paralegal, or choose a bachelor’s or master’s degree in law to become a lawyer, judge, or other legal professional.

West Virginia Criminal Justice Job Outlook and Salary

The economy in West Virginia as a whole is still on the rebound from the economic recession. However, job futures are looking bright for many different careers. Those who are considering a career in criminal justice can find many job prospects in the future when they begin their career search with a degree in hand. Depending on the career that you seek, the opportunities will vary. However, there should be plenty of jobs available to those who seek them in the future of West Virginia’s criminal justice industry.

Criminal justice professionals in the state of West Virginia are paid quite well for their skills. Those who pursue any kind of legal occupation will average $60,000 annually, with lawyers and administrative law judges making over $90,000 annually apiece. Legal assistants and support workers will earn between $36,000 and $42,000 annually on average, depending on the exact position that they hold. With a low cost of living, a high quality of life, and salaries that are more than comparable to other states in the region, West Virginia is a great place to pursue a criminal justice degree and career.

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