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Engineering Degrees in West Virginia

Guide to West Virginia Engineering Schools

West Virginia has over 60 different colleges and technical schools to choose from for a higher education. Many of these schools offer engineering programs of some kind for those who are pursuing an engineering career for their future. Although many people hear ‘West Virginia’ and think of poor, uneducated people who live in the mountains, the state has actually come a long way in creating a bustling economy that is driven by mining, petroleum production, and the graduates who come out of the higher education system ready to work and create success within the state.

Choosing your engineering school in West Virginia isn’t difficult. West Virginia University is one of the most popular schools that there is, and their engineering program is top rate. However, there are other schools in the state that offer a high quality engineering education, as well. If you’re looking for technical or vocational engineering programs, there are many that you can choose from. You can also enjoy the advantage of taking online courses for a more convenient and accessible way to earn your engineering degree in West Virginia. Keep in mind that the higher your education is, the more income potential you will have as a professional engineer in the future.

West Virginia Engineering Job Outlook and Salary

Job futures for engineering in West Virginia are positive. The economy is going to remain stable, if not improve, as the years go on. Plus, with the petroleum and mining industries, there are many engineering jobs that need to be filled already as the current generation of workers gets set to retire. Petroleum engineers averaged about $110,000 annually according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2008, and that number will surely rise with inflation and the need for more workers as time goes on. The cost of living in West Virginia is very low, and there are many areas that are still underdeveloped and less commercialized, which can make for a slower pace and a more peaceful life. This is what draws many people to the area.

As technology continues to grow and improve, jobs in computer engineering and electronics engineering will also grow. These careers currently bring in around $83,000 annually, and will likely see an increase as the demand grows into the future. All in all, engineering careers in West Virginia are going to afford many people the success that they want in a career that is rewarding in many different ways. Even technicians are making close to $50,000 in this state, giving everyone the chance to enjoy a successful engineering career after graduation.

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