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Law & Justice Degrees in West Virginia

Guide to West Virginia Law and Justice Degree Programs

Various schools within West Virginia can open up opportunities in the area of law and justice. This state lies on the border between the Midwest, South and North East regions. The prominent economic force in the state is coal mining. Tourism is a growing industry however. There are no dominant urban areas within the state borders. The capital city of Charleston has a population of just over 50,000 and it is the largest in the state. The state’s terrain is mountainous being in the heart of the Appalachian chain. Outdoor activity opportunities include caving, fishing, hiking and mountain biking.

There are numerous colleges and universities within West Virginia that offer degrees for law and justice. State universities at Wheeling and Institute are two options. But many of the smaller local schools give opportunities as well. The levels of degrees begin with associates and move up. Smaller towns and communities may not require a higher level of education, but the options are there if desired. The state capital and larger towns may require a higher degree.

West Virginia Law and Justice Job Outlook and Salary

The field of law and justice offers a wide range of career options. It is difficult to present a complete view of each option. However, let’s focus on what a police officer can do in the state of West Virginia. All levels of government offer opportunities in law enforcement. Due to the rural nature of the state, most opportunities will be available in such areas. Officers are charged with protecting property and people. The lower density of population often means that the area covered is larger than in other states. There are growing communities in the north part of the state as suburban areas for Pittsburgh. The far eastern counties provide bedroom communities for Washington DC.

West Virginia is expected to have an increased demand for officers of 10% by 2016 according to the state’s Workforce department. This is slightly less than the national average of 11%. The smaller size of the state’s population means that the job pool will not be deep. Wages for someone just entering the profession begin between $22,400 and $28,100. This can be lower in less populous areas. After a few years, the wage should increase to around $35,200. All of these wages are significantly less than the national averages. Most opportunities will be available in rural communities or small towns.

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