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Criminal Justice Degrees in Wisconsin

Guide to Wisconsin Criminal Justice Schools

Wisconsin is usually a state that makes people think of agriculture and dairy farming. However, the state is known for having higher education institutions, as well. There are many traditional colleges and universities that you can choose from for a criminal justice degree, as well as a variety of technical, vocational, and community colleges that can provide you with the education that you need. If you want a more flexible and faster way of learning, consider online programs for your criminal justice degree in Wisconsin.

Ultimately, the choice is yours to make. You just need to determine what your options are depending on the field that you choose and then use those options to make the best decision regarding your career future and your education. Starting your degree can get you well on your way to a career in no time at all. If you choose a certificate program or associate’s degree, you can start your path on the right foot in less than 2 years. However, if you want a higher level job or better paying career, you can pursue a four-year degree or higher to get the education that you need.

Wisconsin Criminal Justice Job Outlook and Salary

Wisconsin criminal justice careers provide a little bit of something for everyone. Of course, the prominent jobs are going to be in the big cities, but there are opportunities for careers in small towns that might just pay a little less. No matter what you choose, you can find criminal justice careers in this state. The future of the industry also brings a bright hope, as the entire industry of criminal justice is growing significantly. If you’re interested in a career in criminal justice, you’ll find options in Wisconsin.

Salaries for the professionals in Wisconsin are slightly above the state average based on the cost of living. How much you make will ultimately depend on the field that you choose and where you work, but those who choose legal careers can expect to earn about $75,000 a year with lawyers bringing in an average of $110,000. Legal aides, assistants, and paralegals will earn about $45,000 annually, which is not bad for less than 2 years of education in most instances. For the people who choose the enforcement side of the industry, average salaries range between $40,000 and $60,000 depending on the position and the education that you have. With good pay and a bright future, a criminal justice degree and career is a good choice in Wisconsin.

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