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Law & Justice Degrees in Wisconsin

Guide to Wisconsin Law and Justice Degree Programs

Wisconsin leaves an impression of cheese and agriculture in most people’s minds. However, the state has other things to offer. One is a rich history of academic achievement. There are dozens of public and private universities and colleges located throughout the state. Many of these offer degrees in law and justice for those interested students. These higher learning institutions can be found around major urban areas as well as in many smaller communities. Technical schools and community colleges help round out the selection. For those seeking a law and justice degree, Wisconsin gives you many choices.

The state does have a well deserved reputation for agriculture. But it also has a significant base in transportation and machinery manufacturing. Health care manufacturing is a growing business base. This has helped to shift the economy to a more diverse base. Populations have shown growth over the past few decades. Like many states with a large rural community, the internal population has shifted. Rural populations are declining while urban ones grow. The largest area by far centers on Milwaukee. This town sits on the northern end of the larger metropolitan area of Chicago. The state capital of Madison is also a population center and a college town. The urban areas pride themselves on being cultural centers of the Midwest. What can the Badger State help you with today?

Wisconsin Law and Justice Job Outlook and Salary

The state of Wisconsin offers a variety of career options in the field of law and justice. It would be hard to give a good overview of every available one. To give an example of what the state offers, police officers offer a good example.  Starting salaries for officers are usually from $31,000 to $34,000 per annum. After a few years, an officer can expect to make around $52,000. This runs with the national median wage for officers. Smaller towns and communities will offer lower salaries on average.

The state’s demand for law enforcement officers is expected to grow 5% in the next few years according to the Wisconsin Workforce Information. This is significantly lower than the expected US average of 11%. The state’s population is holding steady and this provides the reason for the slower pace. Most opportunities that do come up are available in the larger urban areas near Milwaukee and Madison. Rural community options will be much harder to find due to rural flight. State opportunities will remain steady at current levels.

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Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College

Criminal Justice Associate’s , Criminal Justice Leadership and Management Bachelor's Degree-Completion Program, Paralegal Certificate, Paralegal Associate's Degree

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Green Bay
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