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    DeVry University
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    • Reviewed by: Bill T, Bachelor in on November 1st, 2010
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      I graduated from Devry in 2006 with a BSEE and have held a great job in my field ever since. I started making around $40k, now I am well into six figures ($140k) within 5 years. The hands on approach that DeVry has is highly sought after in the Electronics Engineering field. The financial aid department was horrid, however the instructors were intelligent and seemed to care about their students. The small classroom sizes were definitely beneficial to me and assisted me in grasping difficult concepts with relative ease. Overall going to Devry was a great choice and has served me well thus far in my career.

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    • Reviewed by: John S on May 18th, 2010
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      I personally think DeVry is a top notch school. I have been in the online program for about a year and a half and will have my Associates Degree by the end of summer. I've never had any issues with financial aid that was not my own fault and if it was not for the online program would in no way be able to attend school.
      Unfortunately From what I can see DeVry does not have a very high graduate rate which might be due to the fact that DeVry offers a challenging curriculum and is fairly expensive as well. If you are like me and can only attend school online all the research I have done places DeVry firmly in the top 10 for online schools.
      With that I challenge anyone to prove me wrong. http://www.getdegrees.com/

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