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Degrees for Becoming a Teacher

Sometimes we need to be reminded that teachers are an especially vital sub-section of society. We trust them to educate our children and ourselves, and we are almost always in excellent, caring hands. It is, surely, one of the most import jobs possible.

The good news for those interested in joining the profession is that there are many paths to the job.

You could do one or more of the following things to become a secondary school teacher:

-Major in Education while an undergraduate.
-Earn a Masters in Education at traditional institution.
-Earn a Masters in Education degree online.
-Earn a Masters in a specialized Liberal Arts discipline (Creative Writing, Sociology, History, etc).
-Get certified to teach from an accredited program.

The many paths that lead teachers to the profession yields a healthy diversity of opinions and backgrounds within the ranks.

For example, for those who major in Education while an undergraduate, teaching has often long been a career goal.

Folks who earn a Masters in Education from a bricks-and-mortal school sometimes use teaching as a stepping stone to a career in school administration (principals, vice principals, school board members, curriculum specialists, etc).

Many people who get a Masters in Education online are self-starters, looking for a career makeover. Often they have families of their own, and don't have time to commit to physically attending school. There is also a strong possibility they are unfulfilled in their current professions.

Students who earn a Masters in other fields like Sociology or History sometimes see themselves as academics, hoping to go on to earn a doctorate and become a professor. Many stop short of PhDs and are drawn back to the secondary school classroom.

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