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Sports psychology is the in-depth study of the behavioral factors that influence and are influenced by participation in exercise, physical activity and competitive sports. The science is applied to many everyday settings beyond sports, settings that include health and wellness pursuits, fitness in general, performing arts and in some cases, business. Here are some schools -- in no particular order -- that offer programs in sports psychology.

  • Argosy University offers the Master of Arts in Sport-Exercise Psychology degree at three California campuses, in Atlanta and in Arizona. Online courses are also available.

  • Capella University has a master's in psychology study track with specialization in Sports Psychology, available on campuses and as an online psychology degree option.

  • Walden University has a graduate program in Health Psychology that offers both master's and doctoral degrees. Health Psychologists practice in a variety of settings including fitness and health facilities.

  • Boston University offers its sports psychology program through the Education Department, in the form of a Master of Education (Ed.M.) with a specialization in Sports Psychology.

  • University of the Rockies provides a Master of Arts in Psychology, Sports and Performance Psychology both on campus in Colorado Springs and online.

  • University of North Carolina/Greensboro's Department of Kinesiology offers a graduate program in Sport and Exercise Psychology with both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees.

  • West Virginia University has a College of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences that offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in Sports and Exercise Psychology.

  • Florida State University has M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Educational Psychology with a major in Sports Psychology.

  • Ashworth College offers an online diploma program in Sports Psychology for Peak Performance. An ideal choice for working coaches.

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