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Schools of education may be stronger in some areas - curriculum and instruction, for example - than in others, such as elementary or secondary teaching. But some schools are strong in all areas, and the best education universities listed by the US West college survey vary significantly from the usual list of academic empires that you find in most higher learning rankings.

1.Vanderbilt University
2.Stanford University
3.Columbia University Teachers College
4.University of Oregon
7.Johns Hopkins University
8.Northwestern University
10.University of Texas/Austin

This list suggests that residents of California, Texas and Oregon can get a top-flight teaching degree at a public school price in their home states. The private schools are going to be pricier, and admission may be a greater challenge. But if we look past the top ten into the top twenty five, several more excellent public universities appear.

The University of Wisconsin/Madison and the University of Washington are ranked eleventh and twelfth, followed in close order by Michigan, Ohio State, Michigan State, the University of Kansas, Indiana and the University of North Carolina.

In the mid-nineteenth century Congress passed the Morrill Act, establishing the "land grant" colleges which were meant to be public universities with the express purpose of educating teachers. Today those land grant schools have grown into our massive public university systems, but many retain their dedication to granting education degrees to ongoing generations of public school teachers.

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