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Emergency Medical Technician Training

Emergency Medical Technicians are popularly known as EMTs or paramedics. There are more than 200,000 EMT/Paramedic jobs today, spread among hospitals, public agencies and private companies that contract ambulance services. Many firefighters are also certified in emergency medical services. EMTs are trained and certified at progressive levels: EMT - Basic; EMT - Intermediate; and Paramedic.

The various levels of training for this occupation can take from a few months to two years. Basic EMT training is usually a certification class that requires a few months of class time, while the highest level of EMT education may result in an associates' degree in paramedic studies.

EMT- basic training teaches the individual how to provide basic triage for an injured or ill patient. The range of skills increases at each level; paramedics can administer medication, read electrocardiograms taken on site; perform tracheotomies if necessary and utilize sophisticated monitoring gear.

EMT Certification

The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) provides certification exams for all levels of EMT training. Many states also have their own certification programs for EMT professionals in addition to the NREMT option. All states require some form of certification, whether through a state exam or via the NREMT program.

Most states also require continuing education and recertification every two or three years. Emergency medical technicians and paramedics either enroll in refresher courses or in continuing education courses that provide updates on medical technology and procedures used in the field.

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