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What Are Requirements for Bachelors�� Degree?

In the United States a Bachelors Degree is usually awarded at the successful completion of four years' full time study. All colleges have a selection of core courses that provide a general education in a variety of topics, with the goal of giving the student broadened perspective on an assortment of academic fields.

Many colleges have a minimal foreign language requirement, a requirement for completing one or more basic science courses, a basic math requirement and a requirement in English. These requirements vary from school to school; often the smaller schools with high academic standards are tougher on core course requirements than the high profile graduate universities and public universities.

For schools on a semester calendar, completion of a bachelors' degree program may require the successful completion of about 130 credit/hours of study. Each class may be worth three, four or five credits depending upon its difficulty.

That divides into 32.5 credits per year, or about 16 credits per semester. Four 4-credit courses would be a full semester load, with a couple of extra credits required somewhere along the line. Additional requirements might be perhaps 45 of those credits be devoted to upper level classes - that is, courses designated as more demanding than core courses. In addition, the requirement for the major course of study may be 25-30 credits and include a senior thesis of some sort. All of this is subject to the availability of classes, so enrollment each semester can require careful planning.

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