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E-Commerce Manager

Career Overview

E-commerce marketing managers generally are helping companies move into a new market, so the job requires helping to define internet objectives for the business. An e-commerce marketing manager should decide how to target the business market segment, how to present the products online and what software should be utilized to promote and sell online.  Today part of the process is developing an online marketing plan in conjunction with the management staff for the traditional outlets.

E-commerce marketing managers are usually either opening a new outlet online or redesigning one that isn't working as well as it should. That requires assigning tasks to the internet technical staff or agency and putting them on a timeline. Interacting with the established sales force on pricing structure and potential conflict issues is an integral part of the job, as e-commerce is a new and rapidly changing field.


This position requires an educational background in marketing as well as some technical proficiency with the internet and related software applications. Some e-commerce managers come to the field with computer science degrees and some are business or marketing graduates who are familiar with internet technology and software. In either case, most employers prefer a bachelors degree with some latitude granted for experience; some employers prefer a masters degree.

Current Employment

The best estimate on current employment for e-commerce sales personnel is an undetermined portion of the 318,000 sales managers working in the United States

Job Outlook

The job of e-commerce manager will grow much faster than the 12% growth rate projected for sales managers overall. As internet commerce matures, and broadband provides new advertising and product presentation opportunities, capable e-commerce personnel will be in high demand.

Salary Range

Lowest 10%  $71,871
Median Salary  $104,653
Highest 10%  $128,386

Source: Salary.com

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