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Facilities Manager

Career Overview

Facility managers have oversight responsibility for facility maintenance staff, and for the structures, grounds, equipment and supplies that are parts of the facility as well.  A facilities manager must have good communications skills, as there is constant discussion between the manager and custodial staff, maintenance staff and repair contractors.  Other responsibilities may include lease management, planning and design for renovations and improved work space. 

Security standard are also the facility manager's responsibility, and those may vary greatly if the facility is used for large public crowds from time to time.  This usually means acting as liaison between local law enforcement and production companies or promoters renting facilities.


Facility managers entering the trade today usually have at least an undergraduate degree in construction management, business, or facility management. However many of the facilities managers working today came up through the ranks, usually first exhibiting management skills through the oversight of a crew or a major project. 

Current Employment

Facilities managers were estimated to number about 80,000 in 2006 by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Job Outlook

The job opportunities for facilities managers will grow at about the same rate as the overall average job growth for all job categories, about ten percent over the decade 2006 - 2016.  However facilities management is one of the business functions that is increasingly being outsourced to local service firms.  There will be employment opportunities for these firms that take over facilities management on a contract basis.

Salary Range

Lowest 10% $53,543

Median Salary $76,155

Highest 10% $100,464

Source: Salary.com

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