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Labor Relations Manager

Career Overview

In businesses with union representation in the ranks, the labor relations manager implements labor agreements and employee policy. Other responsibilities include preparing data for management prior to collective bargaining, surveying the job market for prevailing wages and keeping current with collective bargaining trends in both the salary and benefit categories. Labor relations managers oversee grievance procedures and various employee welfare programs.


The education requirements for a labor relations manager can vary considerably, depending on the size of the business and whether or not it is a union shop. In businesses with formal union contracts, the labor relations manager will usually have a master's degree and some experience with or education in labor law and industrial relations.


About 136,000 labor relations and human resource directors were employed in the U.S. in 2006. In non-union shops, the responsibilities of a labor relations manager are folded into the human resources department.

Job Outlook

The growth for jobs in the labor relations field is expected to be brisk, well above the overall average for all jobs. While the title of the job may change, the functions of employee benefit oversight, training and employee relations in general will remain an important business role.


Lowest 10% $27,360

Median Salary $56,440

Highest 10% $94,470

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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