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Computer Repair Technician

Career Overview

Computer repair technicians fix and maintain computers automated tellers and other office machinery that utilizes computer chips. Field technicians in this profession make on-site visits and repair machinery that is located in a business or a home. Often the job may include working with network routers or switches; some computer repair technicians are trained to work with networking equipment and some are not. Bench technicians are computer repair professionals that stay in the shop and work on computers that are brought in for repair.


Today an associate's degree in electronics is the standard for technicians seeking to break into the field. Multiple levels of certification are available, based on the technician's degree of experience and knowledge. Tests are administered for the certification programs.


In 2006 there were 175,000 professionals working in the fields of computer repair, ATM maintenance and office machine repair. Wholesale businesses employed about thirty percent of these professionals, presumably to repair equipment returned under warrantee. Others worked in retail establishments with repair departments. Twenty percent of all computer repair technicians are self employed, almost three times the number of self employed workers for all job categories.

Job Outlook

The growth rate in this field is expected to be slower than the average projected growth for jobs overall. Computers are becoming more reliable, and in many cases cheaper to replace than invest in repairs.


Lowest 10% $23,180

Median Salary $37,810

Highest 10% $59,100

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

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