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Computer Support Specialist

Career Overview: Computer Support Specialist

Computer support specialists are the digital fix-it employees that are found in increasing numbers in businesses and agencies of all sizes. A computer support specialist will repair glitches on single computers or fix a problem with a networking system. Many people in this position man help desks to provide clear answers to technical problems. Others are on site in tech-heavy businesses where a computer crash or network malfunction can totally disrupt operations.

Support specialists know how to clean and maintain computer equipment and the software that operates them. They are often in charge of the digital security system for an office infrastructure.

Education Requirements

A bachelors degree is generally required for computer support specialists who are hired for network maintenance and service for larger, more complex systems. An associates degree or certification in some area of computer or software maintenance, combined with experience, may be enough for an entry level position in this job class.


There were over half a million computer support personnel working in 2007, and another 350,000 network and systems administrators. The job category continues to develop specialty niches and tiers of expertise.

Job Outlook

Opportunities for computer support specialists will continue to increase at a much faster rate than overall job growth. As computers become more pervasive, many more traditional businesses such as construction, commercial transit and small retailers will find the need for a computer-based business operation that provides multiple functions such as inventory, ordering and personnel management.

Salary Range

Lowest 10%  $12.48  $25,950
Median Salary  $20.39  $42,400
Highest 10%  $33.32  $69,300

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

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