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Information Security Manager

Career Overview

The information security manager has oversight for all ongoing activities that serve to provide appropriate access to and protect the confidentiality and integrity of stored information, whether for a patient, provider, an employee, or confidential business data.

These workers educate users about computer security, install security software and monitor networks for security breaches. Information security managers develop the strategy for managing security breaches and may engage in developing evidence against information thieves


People in this kind of computer support role must have a degree in computer science or a related discipline, with an emphasis on data management and network security. The position of data security specialist is evolving as software programs evolve and the design of business and health system networks change.

An information security manager can gain an entry level position with a bachelors degree or in rare cases with an associates degree and a lot of experience. Large organizations are looking for information security managers with a masters degree.

Current Employment

According to the Department of Labor, in 2007 there were 552,000 computer support specialists and 309, 000 system administrators. The position of security manager could fall into either category.

Job Outlook

The job outlook for information security manager is excellent. Information and identity theft has become an enormous crime problem, and it often seems that the thieves are one step ahead of the security tools that are available. Data theft will continue to grow as a business concern and so will the position of information security manager.

Salary Range

Lowest 10%  $107,696
Median Salary  $117,080
Highest 10%  $137,181

Source: Salary.com

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