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Information Systems Manager

Career Overview: Information Systems Manager

Computer information systems managers plan networks and infrastructure, oversee their installation or upgrade and implement information flow strategy for businesses or agencies. An information systems manager meshes the communications equipment with operations and business goals of the company after planning a strategy with top management.

Information systems managers have found a new dimension added to their job duties with the advent of global businesses operating on several continents, in several languages and in several time zones. The job takes a strong grasp of business software design and its limitations along with understanding of general business practices and information needs.

Required Education

An information systems manager at a minimum will usually hold a bachelors degree. Larger firms prefer an individual with an MBA in technology, a degree that includes studies of technology practices in the business environment. Certification in certain specific software applications can be important in some circumstances as well.


Two hundred sixty four thousand information systems managers were employed in 2007. Many worked for service companies that provided services on a contractual or consulting basis. Others were in government agencies or large corporate structures.

Job Outlook

The prospects for information system managers will remain strong as long as the economy remains stable. Once businesses put computers in charge of important business functions, upgrading and expanding the systems is an ongoing process.

Salary Range

Lowest 10%  $31.62  $65,760
Median Salary  $51.96  $108,070
Highest 25%  $65.79  $136,850

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

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