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Assistant Principal

Career Overview

Assistant principals work as the principal's right hand, carrying a load of administrative responsibilities for which he or she has direct oversight. These may include ordering textbooks and supplies, managing the custodial and cafeteria functions, scheduling classes, and overseeing any transportation program that may exist as well as special transportation needs.

Assistant principals often handle the disciplinary role that falls to the principal's office. They may also counsel students on opportunities, both vocational and academic.


Many assistant principals move into the position from a teaching role. In order to remain in educational administration, an individual is going to need at least a master's in the field or one closely related. Many principals hold doctorates, so assistant principals aspiring to advancement may need to engage in additional education.


The U.S. Labor Department has data showing that there were 226,000 elementary and secondary school administrators employed in 2006. That includes principals, assistant principals, and curriculum specialists.

Job Outlook

Job growth for education administrators in general is expected to be about 12% for the decade 2006 - 2016, which is on par with the projected average growth for all jobs during that period.  However job prospects should be good due to a large number of retirements.


Lowest 10% $57,367

Median Salary $77,564

Highest 10% $100,437

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

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