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Instructional Coordinator

Career Overview

Instructional coordinators or curriculum specialists (or curriculum directors or instructional coaches) have the overall responsibility for classroom teaching materials and methods, and for improving on them. They assess educational programs with regard to state and federal mandates, select textbooks and additional educational material - and if necessary, train teachers on new programs being introduced.


Many professionals move into this administrative role from a teaching position. Usually the job requires a master's degree in education or education administration. Because there is such a high level of technology use in schools today, instructional coordinators should have a good working knowledge of computer electronics and networking.


There were 129,000 instructional coordinators employed in the United States in 2006. Forty percent of them worked in primary or secondary schools, both public and private. An additional twenty percent were employed by colleges and universities. State and local governments employed additional instructional coordinators, as did consulting and management services that specialize in employee development and training.

Job Outlook

This profession is projected to grow rapidly, at almost twice the pace of average job growth overall. The need for additional instructional coordinators will be driven by the changing educational prerogatives that are developing in the information age. Employee training is also expected to be a growing field and as jobs grow more complex curriculum development in the business sector will become a mainstream need.


Lowest 10% $31,800

Median Salary $56,880

Highest 10% $93,220

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

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