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Remedial Education Teacher

Career Overview

Remedial education and adult literacy teachers work with students and adults who need instruction in reading, writing, speaking English, basic math skills and other skills that are necessary to function in today's society. These teachers work with three basic groups: ABE which stands for adult basic education and is offered to adults whose skills are at or below an eighth grade level; ASE or adult secondary education which is provided to adults wishing to obtain a high school diploma by taking the GED exam; and individuals such as recent immigrants who have poor English skills.


Most states license remedial teachers and require at least a bachelor's degree. Many require a master's degree and would like to see some experience in teaching, especially with adults.


There were about 76,000 remedial and adult literacy teachers emloyed in the U.S. in 2006, according to the Department of Labor. There were many more remedial and adult literacy teachers working on a volunteer basis.

Job Outlook

Positions in this profession are expected to grow slightly faster than the projected average growth rate for jobs overall. The need for immigrants to learn the language will drive part of this growth. The increasing complexity of even service jobs is also causing employers to require literacy and some math skills from employees.


Lowest 10% $25,790

Median Salary $46,310

Highest 10% $81,010

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

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