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Engineers are still entering highly skilled positions with a bachelors degree. Electronics and civil engineering graduates will have the easiest job searches, but some of the more interesting new industrial developments are in the fields of mechanical and biomedical engineering. Materials engineers are developing composites that can replace steel in aircraft and firewalls in ships. Chemical engineering graduates can join the search for safe, organic pesticides. The highest paying option is petroleum engineer, but there are just a few thousand worldwide.

Career Salary Range
Petroleum Engineer

Tags: industrial, oil

Mechanical Engineer

Tags: industrial, technology

Materials Engineer

Tags: industrial, lab setting

Industrial Engineers

Tags: manufacturing, technology

Health and Safety Engineer

Tags: industrial, inspection

Electronics Engineer

Tags: lab setting, technology

Electrical Engineer

Tags: construction, utility

Civil Engineer

Tags: construction, industrial

Chemical Engineer

Tags: lab setting

Biomedical Engineer

Tags: lab setting, lifesaving


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