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Five Career Options in Nursing

Registered nurses comprise the single-largest health care occupation in the land. During your stretch at nursing school, you'll be introduced to an amazing range of career options. Many of you will be happy working as a floor nurse. Others may crave the energy of working the ER or in surgery. Some will aim for advanced training in anesthesia, radiology, or dialysis.

With some 587,000 new jobs opening in nursing over the 2006-2016 decade, you'll certainly enjoy the privilege of choice in specialization and working environment in your profession.

Here are five interesting career options for nurses who wish to move off the floor and into a specialty:

Critical Care Nursing
Critical care nurses may work with the entire range in patient population: Adult, Pediatric, and Neonatal. You'll need special training beyond the RN to learn monitoring of patients with critical or acute illnesses and injuries.

Emergency or Trauma Nursing
Train to work in the ER under stressful, ever-changing conditions. You'll need additional training to assess life-threatening conditions and trauma, and provide triage in busy hospitals and clinics.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CNRA)
A CRNA performs a wide range of duties, from patient assessment to preparation and administration of anesthesia. They monitor vital signs during surgical or emergency procedures. You'll need training beyond nursing school to qualify for this high-paying occupation.

Travel Nursing
Want to shake up your career? Travel nurses register with placement agencies and take assignments in locales or hospitals that appeal to them. Sign up for a six-month stint in Hawaii, or a year posting in Miami. Or, take your talents to Europe, Asia, or South America.

Operating Room-Circulating Nursing
OR nurses provide direct care to patients immediately before and during surgical procedures. You may set up the operating room ahead of time, and assist surgeons, anesthesiologists, or CNRA staff during the procedure.

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